KiCA Jet Fan 2

Compact But Powerful Air Duster


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  • Powerful 101000RPM brushless motor for 20 m/s air thrust
  • Adjustable wind speed from 4 m/s to 20 m/s with a slide button
  • Compact and lightweight design for travel and outdoor use
  • Fashionable and durable aviation-grade aluminum shell
  • Versatile uses for cleaning, drying, inflating, and dusting hard-to-reach areas
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Nice improvement over the original. Versatile, compact, built well with stronger fan/bigger battery

When I tried out the original Kica fan, I was not sure if I would love it. It was odd to have an electric, powered dust blower that was much more expensive than the spray can kind. Over the past year, I found many uses for it:

1. Dusting the inside of computer, laptop, and electronics
2. Dusting window ledges, TV, stairs, and behind my work desk
3. Playing with the kids by pointing it from a distance at their hair (you should never point directly at their face if they are sensitive to it)

Battery had lasted a long time without needing a recharge.

The new version is nearly the same size, but packs a noticeably more powerful motor at a LOWER noise level. Battery has been increased for a slightly longer runtime. The nozzle head is, like the original, removable, but slightly larger in diameter. The new model provides 2 heads: one that can help get into smaller cracks -- like keyboard keys.

James H.
Mini jet engine??

This little fan/inflator/keyboard cleaner is remarkable. The power is impressively strong for such a small and cordless fan! It easily cleans my keyboard with no trouble as well as my wife’s as we both work from home and canned air runs out and costs money. This thing inflated some of our kids inflatable pool toys with ease. My wife has been using it during this heat wave we are having as a personal fan, she says it works VERY WELL in this regard.

C. G.
Better than a air canister but not uber powerful either

We have used the air canisters before to clean out keyboards and other equipment. They worked, but this dryer is more powerful for that kind of thing and the unit has two attachments, one for wide and another for narrow areas. I think it's pretty pricey for a step up from a canister, but then as the description points out, no worry about chemicals. We're going to try different uses as well.

Mini handheld jetfan

This is a pretty handy fan. It can be used for unlimited air, and it has nozzles that are threaded for both intake and exhaust. It can thus be used for both inflating and deflating low-pressure accessories. The grill on the intake side definitely catches the dust from the air, so it doesn't make the dust problem worse.

The sound it produces is not particularly loud or obnoxious. Just a little 1K-ish Hertz whine.

Portable air blower with decent blowing power.

This is by far the most portable air blower I have. Its small in size and it does have decent air blowing power. I suppose its good for some use, I personally wanted this guy to blow dust out of the computers, due to the blowing power, it just doesnt cut it. There are other air blowers that have much more power than this little guy but I suppose we can expect that due to its size. Another small issue, the mouth adapter included has its hole too small which causes some of the air to blow back into it, making it even less powerful. The other adapter included has a bigger hole and it works much better.

Overall , if you don't need strong blowing power then this is for you. You cant beat the size, if you want something with strong blowing power than consider another electronic air blower.

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KiCA Jet Fan 2