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Des soins professionnels pour un corps qui bouge plus librement


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Ne sera pas expédié avant [19041994]

  • Vibrations puissantes et confortables 3 200 fois par minute
  • Course profonde de 12 mm
  • Réglage intuitif du niveau de vibration. Fonctionnement sans faille
  • Réglage précis de l'angle à 5 niveaux, même sur le dos
  • Poignée télescopique de 9 cm qui s'étend jusqu'à votre dos
  • 6 types d'accessoires avec fonction chauffante 43℃
  • Avec une conception silencieuse d'environ 60dB, vous pouvez facilement l'utiliser n'importe où.
  • Basse vitesse
  • Vitesse moyenne
  • Grande vitesse
    • 1x tête en forme de U : Pour les muscles tels que l'avant-bras, la colonne vertébrale et les deux côtés du tendon d'Achille.
    • 1x Tête à coussin d'air : Stimulation douce des muscles du visage, des épaules, etc.
    • 1x Tête en forme de boule : Pour les gros muscles tels que les cuisses, le dos et les fesses.
    • 1x Tête en forme de balle : Pour stimuler la plante des pieds, les omoplates, etc.
    • 1x Tête en forme de pelle : Pour la région de l'aine (aine du pied) et les muscles longs et fins.
    • 1x Tête chauffante : Stimule toutes les zones avec de la chaleur.

    12 heures d'autonomie (à faible vitesse et lorsque la fonction de compression chaude est désactivée).

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    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    KiCA Evo Foldable Extendable Heated Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Overview

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Great massage gun with heat and adjustable massaging strength

    This has become my favorite massage gun due to its ability to have a variable massage speed and its adjustable length. These two feature really stand out for me that my other massage guns do not have. The ability to adjust the massage speed is awesome for me, I’m able to change the the speed on the fly to adapt the massage to sensitive areas to areas to areas where I need a more intense speed to massage tough muscles. The second key feature of this massage gun is the ability to adjust the handle length(being able to adjust the massage gun head angle is almost just as important) but the adjustable length gives me the ability to extend the massage gun handle so that I’m able to reach areas such as the middle of my back all by myself instead of asking for a helper to lend a hand. This massager also has a heading tip that is great in loosening the muscles while massaging really stiff and sore muscles. This massager comes with more massaging heads that I’ve found handy; am glad to have a variety of different heads to provide more massaging options. The one thing I wished this massager would have had is a soft storage case where all of the tools can be stored in a single and yet organized case, this only came with a soft bag and putting all of the accessories in the pouch would become a jumbled mess, plus it could damage the pins that are on the back of the heating head. Overall this massage gun is the best of all of the massagers that I have; if you are looking at a massage gun take a look at this one as it is the one that gives me the most bang for the buck.

    Ultimate body massage

    I love this massage gun. After a long day at work or in the gym this is the perfect ending to get out all the kinks in my muscles. The long extension handle makes it much easier to give myself a back massage and the multiple speeds ensure I can always find the perfect setting. This works great for your whole body especially your feet after wearing steel toe boots all day long. It has many different attachments that you can choose from for different parts of your body. The battery seems to last a long time on a single charge which is a huge benefit for myself. It also has the ability to adjust the angle so you can be sure to get the right spot each time, every time!

    Great Attachments, Totally Adjustable

    I ordered the massage gun with the adjustable arm because it looked like it would be the best option for my needs. I was looking for a massage product I could easily use on myself when my shoulders are causing me discomfort. This looked like it would work really well - and I was right.

    The massager has great features and attachments. It's easy to play around with the different heads, though it's obvious they're intended for certain purposes. The arm locks solidly into place and I haven't had any issues with reaching the areas I need attention the most - all on my own.

    I'm really pleased with this product and appreciate the relief I'm able to receive all on my own. I don't have to bother my husband, I can completely take matters into my own hands and reach the exact places that are bothering me the most.

    The massager is of good quality and I'm pleased with the battery life and the way it functions.

    Allows you to pick the best massage angle

    This Kica EVO massage gun is one of the most versatile massage guns that I’ve tried. This massage gun allows you to adjust the massage head angle and the length of the handle. With a few improvements this gun would be one of the best on the market.

    What I like:
    Comes with 6 head attachment
    Has 3 speed levels
    One of the head attachment has heat compression
    The massage gun folds
    The handle is retractable
    Uses a usb c charging cable
    Comes with a travel pouch

    Versatile Massage Gun

    I have tried quite a few different massage guns and this is one of my favorites. The gun has a solid feel to it with an all metal body. Since it has a hinged neck it actually folds fairly compact compared to other massagers of its size. It comes with a good standard assortment of massage heads and with the heated head. Of the massagers with heated heads this one has a stronger heat so you can feel it more during use. The articulating head and extension handle do work well together allowing you to hit a broader range of areas that are difficult or awkward. with other massage guns. It does not have a fancy screen showing modes or battery life. The speed control is a slider giving it a more analog feel. Overall this is a good massage gun that builds in extras like heated heads, extension, and articulation, which are often add-on accessories for other brands.

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